Lay Summary

This study focused on the effects of salmon calcitonin (CT) on calcium transport in rainbow trout, specifically how it impacts the uptake of calcium across their gills. The research showed that CT significantly inhibits this calcium transport, which is a crucial process for maintaining the right levels of calcium in the body of fish. The experiments confirmed that, similar to stanniocalcin (STC), CT acts as a negative regulator of gill calcium transport (GCAT), providing new insights into how these hormones work together to regulate calcium levels in fish. This research enhances our understanding of fish physiology and potentially offers insights into the broader biological roles of these hormones across different species.


Wagner, G. F., Jaworski, E. M., & Radman, D. P. (1997). Salmon calcitonin inhibits whole body Ca2+ uptake in young rainbow trout. J. Endocrinol155(3), 459-465.



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