Living with a health condition can feel like you have lost control of your life and that your story is out of your hands.

You don’t get to choose whether you have a health condition or not, but you do get to choose how you move forward.


Where little by little, a little becomes a lot

Scientist – Practitioner
The scientist-practitioner model is defined as a training model which integrates science and practice in a given field, where each must constantly inform the other.

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I feel at home serving the community. 

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I am a counsellor and I am currently pursuing doctoral studies at McGill University. Did you know that I have dabbled in woodworking? 

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What people say about me


I truly appreciate my clients’ and colleagues’ kindness in sharing their positive experiences with me!

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It' Like Magic!

At first I didn’t believe in therapy. Once I opened the door, the strategies I learned were like magic. Amazing!

- Kate Ford

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Dennis made my therapy fun! I always joked with him and I loved it!

- TJ Banks

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Consummate Team Player

Dennis is the consummate team player. Classy, creative, and reliable – exactly the kind of colleague you want on your team.

- Sally Dupont
Research Coordinator

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Detail Oriented!

Dennis is detail oriented, spending more time with me than any other therapist. He has a plan going forward for my treatment.

- Joe Dow
Financial Consultant

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Great therapist, great treatment given by Dennis Radman. If you decide on rehabilitation only the best therapist should be trusted with your rehab. There are no second chances really so only the best should do if you can afford it and even if you can’t figure out a way because it is worth it!!!! Thank You!!

- Jenny Allen
Grade School Teacher