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I’m Dennis.
A Designer & Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

Welcome to my digital realm, where I’m both a therapist and a web developer, creating a harmonious fusion of two seemingly unrelated worlds. It’s like being a chef specializing in gourmet cuisine and coding – an unusual but delightful blend of talents!

In this corner of the web, I embark on a journey where modern artistry intertwines with clinical evidence. Imagine if Salvador Dali designed user interfaces or if Freud dabbled in JavaScript – that’s the essence of this intriguing combination.

My research is a fascinating dance in the realm of health technology. It demands a deep understanding of melding elements such as usability, design aesthetics, and accessibility with the delicate delivery of digital health interventions. It’s like conducting a symphony where each note represents a pixel; the score is a blueprint for digital well-being.

So, whether you’re here for therapy, tech insights, or just a bit of whimsy, fasten your seatbelt as we navigate this extraordinary digital adventure. Together, we’ll explore the unique synergy of pixels and psychology, crafting an online therapeutic and technologically enchanting space!

My Services

Website Design

I’m a web designer, and my passion is crafting digital experiences that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. In the world of web design, my role is to blend creativity with user-centric principles. I take pride in turning ideas into pixel-perfect designs that leave a lasting impression. Join me on a journey where I transform concepts into captivating web interfaces.

Website Design

I focus on crafting visually appealing and user-friendly digital experiences. From layout and navigation to colour schemes and typography, I ensure that your website looks stunning and provides an intuitive and engaging interface for your visitors.

Branding & Logo

I help you establish a unique and memorable brand identity. This includes creating a distinct logo that symbolizes your brand’s values and personality. I also delve into brand strategy, ensuring that your online presence aligns with your core identity, making a lasting impression on your audience.

Content Strategy

I excel at creating compelling and relevant content that resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s informative blog posts, engaging videos, or persuasive copywriting, I develop a strategy to deliver content that not only drives traffic but also converts visitors into loyal customers.

Website Development

I’m a web developer, and my world revolves around coding and creating the backbone of the internet. I thrive on the challenges of turning lines of code into dynamic and interactive websites and applications. With a strong foundation in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I bring digital ideas to life. 

Built From Scratch

I specialize in creating custom websites tailored to your unique needs and vision. Starting from a blank canvas, I design and develop a website that is entirely original, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your brand identity and objectives.

Choose a Premade Template

If you prefer a quicker and more cost-effective approach, the “Choose a Premade Template” option is ideal. I offer a selection of professionally designed templates suitable for various industries. You can pick a template that suits your style, and I will customize it to match your branding, delivering a polished website efficiently.

Maintenance & Updates

Website maintenance is essential for its performance and security. With the “Maintenance & Updates” service, I provide ongoing support to keep your website running smoothly. From regular updates and security patches to content additions and feature enhancements, I ensure your website stays up-to-date and hassle-free.

My Process


Begin by clearly understanding the problem you’re addressing.


Create innovative solutions based on the defined problem.


Continuously improve and perfect your designs.


Bring your refined designs to life through implementation.

Featured Work

Website Development

Family Medicine Education Research Group (FMER)

I led the end-to-end development of a dynamic Family Medicine Education Research Group website. From concept to design and implementation, I ensured a seamless user experience and incorporated valuable research resources.

Website Development

Quebec Action for Post-COVID Research Project (QAPC)

I spearheaded the creation of a strategically designed website for the QAPC group. By aligning the website’s architecture with the group’s research goals, I crafted a user-friendly platform for accessing educational resources and fostering collaboration.

Website Development & Design

McGill Rehabilitation Research Hub

My website development work for the Rehabilitation Research Hub prioritized user-centricity. I conducted thorough research, designed intuitive navigation, and implemented responsive features, resulting in an accessible platform that caters to the needs of both educators and researchers.

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