Lay Summary

This research article discusses the development of a radioimmunoassay for human stanniocalcin (STC), a hormone involved in mineral balance in the body. Unlike in fish, where STC circulates in the blood and regulates calcium and phosphate levels, this study found no detectable STC in mammalian blood. The team investigated how STC behaves in rats, discovering it has a short lifespan in the bloodstream and undergoes chemical changes. This suggests STC functions differently in mammals, acting locally within tissues rather than circulating in the blood. This groundbreaking work provides new insights into STC’s role in mammals and its potential implications for human health.


De Niu, P., *Radman, D. P., Jaworski, E. M., Deol, H., Gentz, R., Su, J., … & Wagner, G. F. (2000). Development of a human stanniocalcin radioimmunoassay: serum and tissue hormone levels and pharmacokinetics in the rat. Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 162(1-2), 131-144.



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