Lay Summary

This research paper explores the experiences and perspectives of clinicians and individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI) regarding rehabilitation services’ continuity and design. Through focus groups, the study identifies key themes including the need for continuous care, system design improvements, better community and transportation services, and reducing uncertainty about available services. The findings highlight the importance of accessible, coordinated care that addresses mobility and participation in community life, emphasizing patient-centered rehabilitation service provision. The study contributes to developing recommendations for enhancing rehabilitation services to better meet the needs of individuals with ABI, focusing on improving quality of care, information exchange, and support for self-management in the community.


Alhasani, R., Radman, D., Auger, C., Lamontagne, A., & Ahmed, S. (2023). Perspectives of clinicians and survivors on the continuity of service provision during rehabilitation after acquired brain injury. Plos one, 18(4), e0284375.


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