Lay Summary

The article presents findings on how calcium levels trigger the release of stanniocalcin (STC) in fish, a hormone important for calcium regulation. It explains that fish have a specific receptor, similar to those in mammals, that senses changes in calcium levels and responds by releasing STC. This process is crucial for maintaining calcium balance in fish. The research used drugs called calcimimetics to study this mechanism, revealing a sophisticated system in fish that closely parallels calcium regulation in mammals. This study enhances our understanding of hormonal regulation in different species and demonstrates the evolutionary conservation of calcium-sensing mechanisms.


Radman, D. P., McCudden, C., James, K., Nemeth, E. M., & Wagner, G. F. (2002). Evidence for calcium-sensing receptor mediated stanniocalcin secretion in fish. Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 186(1), 111-119.



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