Lay Summary

The research article uncovers that stanniocalcin (STC), a hormone initially found in fish, also exists in annelid worms, particularly leeches. Through various experiments, including Western blot analysis and bioassays, the study reveals the presence of STC-like proteins in leeches that affect calcium uptake in similar ways to fish STC, albeit with differences in action. This discovery not only highlights the evolutionary conservation of STC from invertebrates to vertebrates but also opens new avenues for understanding ion regulation and hormonal signaling in aquatic organisms, suggesting a more complex and ancient origin for this regulatory system than previously thought.


Tanega, C., Radman, D. P., Flowers, B., Sterba, T., & Wagner, G. F. (2004). Evidence for stanniocalcin and a related receptor in annelids. Peptides, 25(10), 1671-1679.



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